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*) Lebanese poet, writer, critic, editor, translator, cultural monitor.

*) Born in Lebanon, 1948.

*) Principal monitor in the Lebanese & Arab cultural circles since 1973.

*) M.A. in Arabic literature (Lebanese University- 1970)

*) Professor of Arabic literature & translation at many colleges in

    Lebanon (1969-1977).

*) Foreign Languages: English, French: Excellent.

*) Literary and cultural editorialist & columnist in major Lebanese &

Arabic newspapers and magazines, as following:

          *) Al.Wasat magazine- London (since 1992-1994).

          *) Al. Majal magazine- USIA- Washington D.C. (1991-1993).

          *) Arabies Magazine- Paris (1993).

          *) An. Nahar newspaper- Beirut (1991 till now).

          *) As.Sharq Al.Awsat newspaper- London (since 1991-1994).

          *) Al. Hayat newspaper- London (since 1990-1993).

          *) Al. Hoda newspaper- New York (since 1989-1993).

          *) An. Naqid magazine- London (since 1989-1993).

          *) An. Nahar magazine- Beirut (1979-1989).

          *) Al. Hawadess magazine- Beirut (1976-1979).

          *) As. Sayyad magazine- Beirut (1975).

          *) An. Nahar newspaper- Beirut (1972-1975).

*) Editor at “Oueidat Publishers”- Beirut (1972-1978).

*) Editor, reviewer and reader at “An.Nahar Publishing Co”. Beirut


*) Founder of the poetry magazine “L’ODYSSEE” (Beirut 1982) & its

    monthly poetry salon.

*) Advisor to the President of Lebanon for cultural affairs (1983-1984).

*) Host of hundreds of Radio $ T.V. programs (Beirut 1973-1988).

*) Member of “Palace of Culture in Lebanon” (since 1977).

*) Member of the “Lebanese Press Guild” (since 1982).

*) Member of the “Arab Press Federation” (since 1983).

*) Lebanese representative at poetry and literary conventions, such as:

          *) Al. Marbid- Baghdad (1983-1988).

          *) Creative Writing - Cairo (1984).

          *) Orientalism- Madrid (1984).

          *) Jarash- Jordan (1987).


*) Emigrated to the U.S. on 01/01/1989, and has been:

          *) Member of the ”Poetry Society of America” – N.Y.

          *) Member of ”Modern Poetry Society”- Chicago.

          *) Member of ”Florida State Poet’s Association”.

          *) Member of ”Tomoka Poets”- Daytona Beach, Florida.

          *) Member of ”Arab-American Press Guild” (CA).

          *) Awarded twice “Golden Poet” of “World of Poetry” [CA] (1989

              & 1990).

          *) Published in vol.II of the Western World” [CA] (1990).

          *) Lecturer at Middlebury College-Vt (1989 - 1990).

          *) Lecturer at University of Florida- Gainesville (1991-1992).

          *) Lecturer at: Georgetown University, Duke University, University

of Pennsylvania, University of Massachusetts, New York University, University of Florida…

          *) Presented poetry readings at: Ormond Writer’s League (Ormond

Beach-FL), Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.), Lebanese American Journal (N.Y.), Middlebury College (VT), Mandala Bookstore (Daytona Beach, FL), Ormond Memorial Art Museum (Ormond Beach, FL), International Monetary Fund (Washington D.C.), Library of Congress (Washington D.C), American University (Washington, D.C.)…

*) Back to Lebanon since 1994, he founded the “ODYSSEE”

cultural committee which organizes monthly cultural events mainly in Beirut and occasionally in all over Lebanon.


*) Author of poetry books, among them:

          *) For I am the Sanctuary and you the Goddess (Beirut 1981).

          *) Rhythms (Beirut 1986).

*) Pulses on the Rhythm of her Heart (London, forthcoming).

*) The Symphony of Failure & Pardon (Washington D.C. 1993).

*) In Forbidden Time (Collection of poems translated into English

              and introduced by Adnan Haydar & Michael Beard- Washington



*) Author of prose books, among them:

*) Anthology of the Lebanese Novella <2 Volumes> (Beirut 1980).

*) Selections of writings on the Lebanese Village (Beirut 1983).

*) Arabic language textbooks <4 volumes> (Beirut 1973-1983).


*) Translator of 34 essays, novels & works of criticism from French and

    English into Arabic (Beirut, Paris, &Washington,D.C.:1972-1991).



The  ODYSSEE  Committee



q       Founder and President : Poet Henry Zoghaib (1996).

q       Members: Mrs Alexa Borji, Mrs Mona Ghazaal, Mrs Racha Najjaar.

q       Activities: Coordinating cultural, literary and artistic activities throughout:

·        Organizing meetings about books recently published, with the participation of their authors.

·        Organizing honoring festivals in memory of late pioneers.

·        Organizing honoring festivals for living pioneers.

·        Organizing poetry and literature festivals.

q     ODYSSEE Committee organized series of poetic readings quadravoices (new phenomenon in Lebanon), during which Henri Zoghaib’s poems and prose were read.

q     ODYSSEE Committee monitored commemorting festivals for: Poet Amine Nakhle, Calligrapher Nassib Makarem, Painter Moustafa Farroukh, Men of Letters Toufic Youssef Awad, Antoine Kazan, May Ziade, and the artist Assi Rahbani, the poet Nizar Kabbani, the writer Fouad Suleiman.

q     ODYSSEE Committee administrated assemblies honoring: Calligrapher Fares Malaeb, Doctor Sami Makarem, Historian Nicolas Ziade, Womanwriter Edvick Chayboub, Artist Elias Rahbani, Saudian Womanwriter Hayfaa’ El Yafi, Kuweiti Womanwriter Layla Osman, Writer Salam El-Rassy, Algerian Womanwriter Ahlaam Mustaghanmi, Author Mohammad Mady, Womanwriter May Menassa, Historian Yussef Hourany, Poet Rouba Saba Habib, Scientist Professor Selim Mourad, Composer Toufic El-Bacha, Professor Anis Mousallem, Mohammad Korayyem.

q     ODYSSEE Committee gave young poets the opportunity to read their poems as an annual activity.

q     ODYSSEE Committee founded (1999) in Lebanon “The Cedars Poetry Festival” to be held annually during the second week of November.

q     ODYSSEE Committee administrated honoring events for worldwide pioneers: the Greek poet NONUS (5th century) on his book about Beirut, as well as the Indian poet TAGORE on his book “The Fruits basket” (translated into Arabic).




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